San Francisco monument comfort women

San Francisco is scheduled to unveil a “comfort women” memorial statue this week, becoming what activists say is the first major city to install a monument honoring the mostly Korean women who were forced into Japanese military-run brothels during World War II.   NBC News

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2 reacties op San Francisco monument comfort women

  1. Boeroeng zegt:

    On behalf on The Indo Project and the Dutch victims of the Second World War in the former Dutch East Indies, I’m deeply disturbed to read the Japanese Consul’s response this morning about the Comfort Women Memorial that will be unveiled in San Francisco today.To say that “that there are wildly conflicting views, even today, as to what actually happened” is denying the suffering of the gruesome plight of 200,000 women and girls from 11 countries (not just Korea) who were forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese Imperial Army.

    Bron: theindoproject

  2. Griselda Molemans zegt:

    Het juiste aantal nationaliteiten van de slachtoffers van Japanse dwangprostitutie is 26 en niet 11.

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