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Mail:   The first photo is my mother Anna Kollaart, my grandmother Maria Pauline Richter (in the middle) and my uncle Robert Kollaart.
The second one is my grandfather Leonardo Richard Kollaart (I’m not sure, he is in the left or right).
My grandmother was born in Manado 1922 and moved to Surabaya (not sure the date/year).
If you have any information about Richter and Kollaart please send me an email. Thank you.

Meer foto’s van Kollaart in Nederland. Wie herkent deze mensen ?

Yes, these are pictures of family Kollaart. Unfortunely, I don’t know where and when my grandfather born. I only knew my grandmother was born in Manado, 5 May 1922.
My mother was 4 years old when her husband families were back to Holland. It’s around 1951. Two days before leave, they took picture in front of family house at Jalan Oro-oro Dowo Malang. My grandmother decided to live in Surabaya and passed away in Surabaya in 5 September 1968. Her funeral at Kembang Kuning.
A long time ago, some one who lived in Jalan Oro-oro Dowo Malang said that there was a family came to Malang from Holland and looking for their family. But, he can’t speak Dutch. He didn’t record anything from that occassion. Poor me.
.dikirim dari just_ratna.
Tersenyum, dengarkan hatimu, dan pergilah ke mana hati membawamu…

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  1. Wal Suparmo zegt:

    dr RICHTER is een bekende dokter in Menado.

  2. Boeroeng zegt:

    In 1916 S. Richter was living in Paleleh ( near Gorontalo)
    He was a wood-salesman

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