MAX is looking for Dutch emigrants

For a new documentary series public broadcaster Omroep MAX in The Netherlands is looking for Dutch and Dutch-Indonesian families who left in the 50s for the USA. We are seeking personal stories, photos and videos of the first generation of Dutch and Dutch-Indonesian emigrants. Why did you leave the Netherlands? What was your life like after you left the Netherlands? What were your moments of bliss and what were your disappointments and difficult moments? Do you still feel homesick? Do you want to go back to the Netherlands or is the US your home now?

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Een reactie op MAX is looking for Dutch emigrants

  1. Ron Geenen zegt:

    @Be aware that by sending a letter or email you automatically agree with the terms and conditions of Omroep MAX that you will grant us your consent that we can collect your personal data for our use only.@

    A very strange statement, because the personal data might has been shared with others already before that time. I just recall the interviews from Boudie Rijkschroeff and my story about Norman De Buck. Beside that if I want to write an article about an Indo, I do not care what MAX says.

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