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Mail 1:

Hello Mr Indisch4ever
I do not speak Dutch at all actually Can you please give me tips about the Bersiap period My dad is fluent in Dutch Do you know any survivors from the period, that I can interview?

Thank you very much.   Pieter Noordraven

Mail 2:

Good morning……..
Does anyone know where van Neckstraat 29 in Bandoeng was/is located? I cannot find it anywhere on an old (1942) map, most maps are very dense and not clear. Was that part of camp Tjihapit during the Japanese occupation? Does anyone have any record of all the people that were imprisoned (1941-1945) at camp Tjihapit and living on the Riouwstraat?
Thank you in advance for your reply……………
Anna Neumann-Cowan

Eric Neyendorff lived after the war at van Neckstraat 28 in Bandung. He explained that it is now called Jalan Cipunegara, nearby Jalan Citarum and Gedung Sate.
At this map ( click on it) the van Neckstraat is to see left of the top of internementcamp Jihapit. See the blue arrow. Tjihapit is the area between the purple dot-line. Van Neckstraat wasn’t part of this Japanese camp.    Look at this other map of Tjihapit.

There are more old maps of Bandung at the internet. Search in this database.
There is no list of prisoners of Tjihapit at the internet.

Cipunegara004voor het huis2.Cipunegara005
van Neckstraat 28 ca 1950 and  pictures of 2013

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  1. Mar Sarens zegt:

    maybe there is a list of the camp you mentioned, i did find my father and grandfather on lists, give me some time an d i will check my infomap, will get back to you..

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