Indos in Orange

For the first time, the Holland Festival in Long Beach and the annual Kingsday Celebration combined forces and got together in Gemmrig Park for a great Indo/orange celebration. Indo International was there.
By Vivian Boon // photos: Ashley de Groot

Jeff Keasberry The motor behind the festivities. Popped up everywhere all day. Helping out with tents that were not set up, handing out chocolates, giving away prizes in a quiz and taking selfies with friends. What he was looking forward to most? ‘Monday’, he laughs. ‘This festival has been around for 33 years, it’s all about friends and families, different generations coming together. When you see all the smiling faces, that makes it all worthwhile.’   Orange Can’t do Kingsday without orange. And if you didn’t have any orange to wear, there was plenty of Dutch and Indo stuff to get a hold of at the festival.  Indo International

Twice a year the Indos in San Diego get together for a kumpulan. This time they met up in the bay area, for a potluck picknick.
By Vivian Boon // photos Ashley de Groot

Driving down Mission Bay Drive, the San Diego Indos’ kumpulan is hard to miss. The bright blue tents set up by the Indo Project stick out, people are carrying folding chairs and blankets onto the lawn and songs of the Everly Brother’s fill the air of the sunlit Sunday morning. And of course, we should not forget the food at this potluck event. ‘Cause let’s be honest, an Indo get-together without food is just impossible  Indo International

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  1. Bung Tolol zegt:

    Nou die kleine vrolijke Mexicaanse Vivian genaamd ,die zegt zich meer Indo te voelen ,is bij deze benoemd tot Ere-Indo ! Hip Hip Hurrah ! 🥳🎉😜

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