29 april: Indo Kumpulan in Spring Hill, Florida

Indo Kumpulan in Spring Hill, Florida

Dutch Indonesians get together to celebrate their history and culture

Tampa – April 10, 2012 The Indo Project, a newly formed USA-based nonprofit, organizes its first event in Florida on Sunday, April 29. Floridians of Dutch Indonesian (Indos) heritage will come together at a traditional Indo Kumpulan in Spring Hill, Florida. The organization has chosen the occasion of Koninginnedag (Dutch Queen’s Day) to organize the event with at least 100 people in attendance from all parts of Florida.

Indos are people of mixed European and Indonesian ancestry, in particular, those of Dutch and Indonesian ancestry.  After the Diaspora that followed the Indonesian Independence in 1949, many Indos have chosen to settle in warm climates states of the USA, including Florida.

The Indo Project was conceived out of the need to educate the English speaking world about Indo history, heritage, and culture and to bring a sense of community and recognition to the Indo people. Indos are successful models of assimilation among immigrant groups in the USA.  They are one of the oldest multicultural people of the world while at the same time they are one of the most unrecognized ethnic groups in the USA today.

 A kumpulan is a social get together with traditional food and music common among Indos of the former Dutch East Indies.  The event will be held at the Suncoast Dance & Party Center, 13383 Countyline Road in Spring Hill on April 29, from 12 noon-5 p.m. 

 About The Indo Project

The Indo Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and celebration of Indo culture and history through education and raising public awareness.

For more information about the organization, its initiatives, and vision please visit the website: www.theindoproject.com.

For more information about Indos:


For more information on the former Dutch East Indies:  


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