The aftermath Exodus 1950-1962

On the 27th December 1949, in the Paleis op de Dam, Amsterdam, the Netherlands transfer their biggest colony, the Dutch East Indies, to Indonesia excluding Dutch New Guinea, Other plans have been made by the Dutch for their biggest island of the colony for a new destination. The Report of the Commissie Werner about the future of the Dutch-Indo Njai people was one of the main issues. Others are: the right of Selfdetermination of the Papua people. To offer the United States a Naval Base. Saving the missionary mission works of Catholic and Protestant organizations in New Guinea.
The ongoing conflict of twelve years results the end of an Colonial Era of the Netherlands in the East.

Some moments of the remarkable history
– 1952 Report Commissie Werner (KVP)
– 1958‘Zwarte Sinterklaas’day.A forced leave of the Dutch out of Indonesia
– 1960.The 7 months showdown trip of the Karel Doorman aircraftcarrier
and 2 destroyers to New Guinea via Cape Town SA, Freemantle AUS.
to embark 12 jetfighters in Biak. Japan refused the courtesy visit of the
Battlegroup 5 to Yokohama not to offend Indonesia.
– 1962 Invasion of Indonesian forces and a Seabattle at Vlakke Hoek.
– 1962 Transfer of Dutch New Guinea to Indonesia by the UN

The end of an Era and the Exodus of a Dutch-Indo/Moluccan Njai people
to a new unknown fatherland leaving some hundreds compatriots behind
without the compulsory national-docoments.

StuckenCarp December 2019

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