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  1. wal suparmo zegt:

    Wie zijn de mensen in betrokken?

  2. Jan A. Somers zegt:

    Sluit dit aan bij de Encyclopædie van Nederlandsch-Indië? 4 delen, 4 supplementen, 2 afleveringen Aanvullingen en Wijzigingen. 1917-1939.

  3. Anoniem zegt:

    Ik zou deze Indopedia wel willen zien.

  4. Priscilla Kluge McMullen zegt:

    I hoop it will also be in English. It is “betreurig” that so much information about Indo history & culture is in the Dutch language and kept to ourselves instead of educating the rest of the world

    • Jan A. Somers zegt:

      Hoe hebben die (zeer) vele Engelstalige onderzoekers en schrijvers dan hun bronnen kunnen (begrijpend) lezen? Een Australische nicht van me heeft twee weken geleden haar B2 gehaald bij de Delftse methode. 85% goed!

      • Priscilla Kluge McMullen zegt:

        You’ve hit the nail on the head, Jan Somers! Can you send me the list of the “(zeer) vele Engelstalige onderzoekers en schrijvers…”? Not everyone is like your nicht and has the time to spend on learning Dutch especially if it does not serve any other function in their lives with the exception of genealogy.
        The questions we need to ask ourselves is: Do we want to preserve and educate the world about our INDO history and culture? Do we want people to recognize us for who we are and not for another ethnicity or nationality (as is often the case outside of NL BUT ALSO in NL). Do we want to educate and influence 23 million Dutch speaking individuals OR 1 Billion English speaking individuals? IT is time to stop thinking small and provincial. The 3rd and 4th generation Indos who have Indo Pride want the world to know about their heritage (including their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents stories).
        Indos have a beautiful, interesting, sad, eventful and illustrious history, why should we keep it to ourselves? The older generations have not done a good job of telling the world who Indos are as a people. They are resigned to being a footnote in Dutch and Indonesian history books. I’m afraid that is not the case of the 3rd and 4th generations. So, rather than throwing obstacles in the way of others who want to educate the world about our heritage~our people~…why not provide constructive ideas so we can get the job done. Jan, if you have the list and know of anyone on the list who would like to help in the translation of important Indo Resources, you would provide a great help.

  5. I like to add to Priscilla’s comment “and all generations of Indo and Indische descendants consisting of several generations and growing rapidly that live somewhere in the world and who do nor read Dutch. But it’s their history.

  6. Hello, I truly appreciate this project. Please consider having an English version available too. I am Indo but I do not speak Dutch fluently. The majority of my Indo peers here in the US do not speak Dutch either. We lost this language connection with the passing of our grandparents. We wish we spoke Dutch and many like myself are making efforts to learn more Dutch and re-infuse it into the community. Unfortunately, without Dutch being our native language, so much critical information will be lost on us. It would be so helpful to us if we could read this information in English. This would truly help to perpetuate Indo History. We’re very proud of our Indo heritage. On behalf of my US born Indo peers, I kindly ask for this to be done in English as well. Please don’t exclude us based on a language requirement.


    Jamie Stern
    Director of Research for The Indo Project, Inc.

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