Queen Priscilla van het Zomercarnaval

De grootste Caribische optocht van Nederland staat voor vanmiddag (28 juli) op het programma: de 33ste straatparade van het Zomercarnaval in Rotterdam. Duizenden dansers gaan in kleurrijke kostuums de straat op, aangevoerd door de koningin van het Zomercarnaval 2018: Priscilla Rehaen.
Ik ben zelf van Indische en Surinaamse afkomst,

Zie dit interview.

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9 reacties op Queen Priscilla van het Zomercarnaval

  1. Ronny Geenen zegt:

    Naar aanleiding van deze mooie jongedame heb ik hier het volgende artikel:

    The face of the future: Why Eurasians are changing the rules of attraction
    Sorry, pale blonds. People with mixed-race faces appear healthier and more appealing, so have evolutionary advantages, research reveals. By Steve Bloomfield
    • Sunday 15 January 2006 01:00
    The Independent Online
    But new research appears to turn this theory on its head. Scientists now believe that people of mixed race, particularly Eurasians, possess certain genetic advantages that lead to greater health and, as a result, increased attractiveness.
    In the first study of its kind, Caucasians and Japanese people rated Eurasian faces as more attractive than faces of either race. Researchers developed a series of faces, ranging from those with exaggerated Caucasian features to those with exaggerated Japanese features. When Caucasian and Japanese volunteers looked at photographs of Caucasian, Japanese and Eurasian faces, both groups rated the Eurasian faces the most attractive and healthiest. People from other racial backgrounds will, of course, have their own preferred blends.
    One researcher said the results proved that “our preferences are shaped by evolution”. Humans would have encountered few individuals of mixed race when they first evolved. Only with the West’s colonization of Africa, the Americas and the Far East, as well as the trade links that were then established around the world, did different races mix more readily.
    Evolutionary psychologists argue that the findings indicate not only individual preferences for physical beauty. They also suggest that Eurasians and other mixed race individuals appear healthier. In the search for a reproductive partner, humans look for markers of good genetic health.
    Dr George Fieldman, a leading British psychology expert at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College, said facial symmetry also played a part: “It is conceivable that mixed races are ironing out asymmetries and differences of the kind that may make you more attractive.”
    The number of mixed race people in Britain grew by 75 per cent during the 1990s. In the 2001 census, roughly 1.5 per cent of the population classed itself as of mixed race.
    New research by British scientists also suggests that a link may exist between the gene diversity and beauty. Craig Roberts, a biologist at Liverpool University, conducted an experiment into the attractiveness of individuals and compared their “beauty” to the diversity of their major histocompatibility complex (MHC) genes. MHC genes have a big impact on the strength of immune systems.
    Dr Roberts found that photographs of people with a greater MHC diversity were seen as more attractive than those with less. He concluded that the perceptions of attractiveness are linked to the health of a potential mate.
    Not only does the research by Gillian Rhodes, a psychologist at the University of Western Australia, raise interesting questions about beauty, it also undermines centuries-old arguments by the far right that a “pure” race is healthier.
    The idea of racial purity as the highest form of perfection was taken to its extreme by Adolf Hitler, whose warped beliefs led to the death of six million Jews. Dr Fieldman said: “In-breeding is not great news. All that bollocks about blue blood is just nonsense. The Nazis were terrible scientists. At a biological level it was just nonsense.”
    This view is backed up by Randy Thornhill, an evolutionary psychologist at the University of New Mexico. Genetic diversity can decrease the chances of contracting disease, he said. “If you hybridize two genetically diverse populations – ie cross races – then you create more genetic diversity in the offspring.”
    But while science may be able to prove the attractiveness of mixed-race individuals, relationship experts said cultural barriers still remain when considering mixed race partnerships. Dr Petra Boynton, a lecturer in health services research at University College London, said: “In some ways it is more acceptable now than it was 50 years ago. But this is a lab-based piece of research and, well- meaning and liberal though it is, you only need to look outside the window to see it is not that simple.”

    • Arthur Olive zegt:

      “The face of the future”
      De voorkeur in de Indonesische filmindustry is mixed race individuals. Niet zo in Hollywood waar ze de voorkeur voor Caucasians hebben.
      Ze zullen wel weten wat het pupliek wil. Money talks.

      • Ronny Geenen zegt:

        Vermoedelijk wel. Maar vele staten hebben een grote meerderheid Caucasions. Die staten hebben niet zo’n grote aantrekkingskracht als bv Californie voor de Euroasians. Ik krijg wel eens een email van een Indo uit een andere staat, die letterlijk mij laat weten de enige bruintje te zijn in de hele omgeving. Zie ook de ledenlijst met Indo namen in alle staten.

    • Jan A.Somers zegt:

      “healthier and more appealing”, “increased attractiveness.” Klopt, mijn Zeeuws meisje wist tussen al die Zeeuwse gozers toch mooi mij eruit te pikken!

  2. Peter van den Broek de andere generatie zegt:

    Als ik lees hoe ‘Caucasians’ and ‘Eurasians’ worden gedefineerd, danwel in het spraakgebruik wordt gehanteerd dan bestaat racistisch gezien langzamerhand de meerderheid van de wereldbevolking uit deze mensen.

    Blijf ik met beide benen op de ground en my head in the sky: …… “But this is a lab-based piece of research and, well- meaning and liberal though it is, you only need to look outside the window to see it is not that simple”.

    De kernvraag is Waar, op Welke plaats en op Welk tijdstip je naar buiten kijkt, but it is always looking outside.

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